Why use oil free compressors?

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Air compressors work by pushing air into a confined space which pressurises it.  In much the same ways as air will rush out of the open end of a balloon the air in a compressor tank can be used to power tools and processes of all sorts. In a traditional compressor the piston that pressurises the air needs lubrication, or oil, for the compressor to operate. Oil-free compressors do not need oil because the cylinders are already pre-lubricated, and a Teflon coating protects them and allows them to remain permanently lubricated. What are the advantages of an oil free compressor?


More traditional air compressors require the oil to be changed regularly. Air and oil separator elements are also needed, as is filtration to remove oil aerosols. An oil-free air compressor removes this requirement.

Lower operating costs

Oil-free compressors have a simpler design with fewer parts. This can reduce repair and maintenance costs and times. An oil-based compressor will usually consume more energy particularly at start up. The high viscosity of oil can be harder to move at colder temperatures. Oil-free compressors can start much faster and are less influenced by temperature. The simpler design of oil free compressors typically uses less energy showing a further saving on fuel costs.

The Environment

Eliminating oil from an air compressor means that the contaminants that can be released into the air are no longer generated. As we have mentioned in earlier blogs applications such as food and pharmaceuticals require clean and oil-free air making oil free compressors the obvious choice for these industries

Many industries are discovering the benefits of switching to oil-free air compressors. They provide the highest possible quality air for manufacturing needs. By eliminating contaminants and providing a clean, reliable, cost-efficient source of air supply oil free compressors are a long-term option for reducing energy consumption and improving environmental credentials.

Harrier Pneumatics’ compressor engineering team are highly skilled, fully trained and experienced in providing advice on most compressor makes and models, as well as all ancillary equipment. We can tailor planned maintenance to suit your budget and production requirements. We can offer oil free replacement compressors for most applications. The best way to establish what we can do to help you save energy and reduce costs is to book an air audit and leak detection survey. Get in touch to arrange for one of our engineers to call.

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