Specialist Solutions

SB Services are able to design, manufacture and install bespoke pneumatic control systems and special purpose equipment to meet your exact requirements.  With experience in all aspects of compressed-air and pneumatic control, SB have a successful track record of offering an impressive range of solutions for new equipment or for the refurbishment of old or obsolete systems on existing equipment.  Atex compliant systems can be produced.

Many companies and sites have existing equipment or systems that have provided good reliable service for many years.  It often proves more economical to upgrade this to modern standards, rather than facing the capital equipment costs involved in complete replacement.  SB Services can work with you to assess your current equipment against your future needs, and present solutions for updating them to modern standards, including upgrades and improvements that will meet your changing requirements. Recent standard and ATEX compliant projects have included:

  • Replacement control systems for piercing press – design, build and install.
  • Automatic press feeder with batch counter – Design, build and install.
  • Refurbish automatic cut off saw for plastic extrusions – Refurbishment of control system.
  • Safety cut-out system for an overhead crane – Design, build and install.
  • Reciprocating spray system for gas bottles –  Design and build of system with no bottle no spray feature
  • Colour change system for gas bottle spray – Design, build and install.
  • Flush control for train toilets – Design, apply for approvals, build and install.
  • Drying and Filtering system for railway train compressors – Design, build, install and refurbishment services for units in the field.