Fittings, Tubing & Couplers


Single Shut-Off couplings are primarily used for pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies.

They are also used with other gases, and except for the E-z-mate Series can be used with low pressure fluids. The coupler half contains a shut-off valve that is  automatically opened when a mating nipple is inserted and automatically closes when the nipple is removed. Parker Single Shut-Off couplings come in three basic designs: general purpose/manual connect, general purpose/push-to connect, and special purpose.

The standard seal material for all Parker Single Shut-Off couplers is Nitrile. Ethylene Propylene, Fluorocarbon, and Neoprene seals are available as options. See the comprehensive Fluid Compatibility Chart that provides guidelines for seal and body material selection. When there is need for further assistance in selecting the  appropriate seal material, please consult the Quick Coupling Division.


The push-in fitting is the most intuitive way of connecting tubes to a fitting to create a fluid distribution network. Thanks to its quick installation, versatility and exceptional lifespan, the push-in fitting contributes to improving machine efficiency Moreover

A very large number of technical solutions exist for connecting two pipes together. harrier pneumatics offers a very wide range of parker technologies and materials to cover all requirements.

Banjo Fittings

This range of fittings is ideal when access is only possible from above and orientation of the tube is required. This range of modular fittings includes single and multiple configurations, allowing wide flexibility of design.

Modular Plug in Connectors

These connectors allow a maximum number of tube connections in a minimum of space. Harrier Pneumatics offer an ergonomic solution to enable quick connection for the most complex installations.

Self-Sealing and Oscillating Fittings

Parker Legris has developed these two-innovative push-in fittings to integrate various functions and allow quick installation on pneumatic circuits

Harrier pneumatics offers a wide range of airline accessory products to control your pneumatic or automation systems. These include inline or right-angle flow controls, valve exhaust speed controls, quick exhausts, pressure switches, mufflers and silencers, check valves, ball valves, hose fittings, tubing, quick couplers and push-to-connect fittings selections for every port size.

When compared to wire reinforced rubber hose or even metal tubing, thermoplastic hose offers significant added value. Thermoplastic provides excellent chemical compatibility, noise-level reduction and ultraviolet and corrosion resistance, while fibre

reinforcement retains flexibility — even at low temperatures. In addition, Par flex has long-length

capabilities resulting in less scrap being generated during assembly…. fewer connections, results in fewer potential leak points. For fluoropolymer hose, Par flex hoses are designed to handle high temperatures in chemical and corrosive environments for the industrial mobile, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food and beverage markets.