Servicing & Maintenance

A smooth reliable operation and uninterrupted production line is vitally important to the profitable running of any business.

Harrier engineers have been consistently providing high quality Compressed air systems to clients in many industries for over 25 years, but this type of stability can only be guaranteed with a programme of regular servicing, maintenance, and professional inspection of pipework, equipment and components within your compressed air systems.

Our Compressor engineering team are highly skilled, fully trained and experienced in providing well planned and comprehensive servicing and maintenance cover for a wide range of compressor makes and models, as well as all ancillary equipment for the preparation and treatment of your compressed air, your pneumatic equipment and components and the air pipework systems too.

Breakdown prevention is always much less painful, disruptive or expensive than any cure, so don’t allow your production lines or workshops to come to a standstill.

Service contracts can be tailor made to suit both your business needs and your budget, minimising the likelihood of breakdown.  In the event of an unforeseen stoppage, Harrier can provide a Hire Solutions to help keep things going, should a major breakdown threaten your production