Air Audits and why they are important to you.

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What is a compressed air audit or data logging and why is it necessary?

A compressed air audit or data logging is the detailed and accurate measurements taken from an existing compressed air system to form a view of the compressed air usage of the system over a given period, normally a typical production week. It’s also a type of health check on the compressed air system. Carrying out this service is not only important but necessary due to the increasing energy costs and changes to compressed air demand. Frequent data logging or auditing a compressed air system at least once a year will allow the Customer and service provider to identify the potential energy savings. In addition to this, the service provider will be able to discuss any changes to the compressed air demand with a view of adjusting service schedules and offering changes to the equipment, like system controllers. In some cases, this may even reduce maintenance costs and will ensure the equipment and installation are optimised.


Using the correct data logging and auditing equipment?

The importance of using the correct equipment, right measurements, and skills cannot be over-emphasized. Using equipment that is outdated would be like getting a diagnosis or health check from a doctor who uses it and does not even take a blood pressure reading. Nobody would have any confidence in that type of diagnosis. Like medical technology, compressed air measurement equipment has advanced over recent years and it is no longer acceptable to correctly diagnose using equipment dated back to even a few years ago. In addition to this, measurements need to be thorough and include electrical consumption together with at least pressure readings. The more measurements the better as this will instill confidence in the Customer and allow them to make informed and accurate decisions.

That is why using equipment like Airinsite to provide accurate and detailed reports, is simply a necessity. A report based on simple electrical consumption alone and no pressure reading will soon be discredited by any reputable competitor. They will highlight to the Customer that simply reducing the system pressure will save 7 – 8% in energy without the need to do anything else. If you haven’t even measured pressure, then how would you make pressure adjustments in the software to show any potential savings.


The benefits of data logging and audits and why the results matter

Adding a yearly scheduled accurate and detailed data logging service to an existing or new service agreement makes a lot of sense. This can be done at the time of service thereby reducing travel costs which in turn reduces maintenance costs. It allows the Customer and service provider the opportunity to make timely important improvements to the compressed air system and results in a detailed yearly report of the compressed air consumption. It also ensures that both the Customer and service provider is making a conscious effort by working together to reduce carbon emissions and sharing a common interest and responsibility towards improving the environment for existing and future generations.


Harrier Pneumatics are highly trained, skilled, and equipped to help you with your energy audit.

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