Air Receivers

What is an Air Receiver used for?

A tank is normally situated in the compressor house which stores compressed air.  Its primary function is to dampen discharge line pulsations when demand exceeds the capacity of the compressor. It also acts as a cooling chamber which allows water to condense and be removed by way of a drain valve. All compressed air receivers should be fitted with a pressure gauge and relief valve.

Most manufacturers do offer complete systems with air receivers, these may become too small for your requirements and we are able to assist in supplying the correct size air receivers.

Why Harrier?

At Harrier we have a dedicated team of professional and competent sales engineers who are fully trained to provide you with the right advice on your compressed air system. We have been in the field of compressed air and pneumatics for over 50 years.

As we all critical equipment it is important to make sure that you have the right equipment that meets legislation to ensure the safety of your equipment onsite during use.

Our teams are able to do full air audits on your compressed air system, giving you peace of mind. Read more on Air Audits and the importance thereof.

Harrier can size, supply and install your air receiver.  For more details please contact your local branch.