Condition Monitoring

The idea: a wireless sensor solution combined with Transair® modular pipe system for continuous remote condition monitoring of a compressed air system, from the compressor room to the machines and equipment.

What is Condition Monitoring ?

  • Condition monitoring is a quantitative measurement of a parameter of condition** of a machinery or equipment, mandatory for its proper usage, efficiency and lifetime, in real time and at irregular intervals.
  • Condition monitoring includes condition checking (comparison) and measurement trends (statistics).

** flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, dew point, power, quality of the fluid etc

Why Condition Monitoring ?

  • Condition monitoring is the basis for predictive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance : fixing issues before escalation and improving asset efficiency.
  • Condition monitoring is a proactive and reliability-focus culture.

Main advantages for the user

  • Review data anytime
  • Make better & quicker decisions
  • Get measurements without interrupting production
  • Monitor more assets and processes
  • Predict energy consumption
  • Implement real time visual management
  • Main benefits for the user
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce time to repair & downtime
  • Optimise safety & production quality
  • Reduce machine failure
  • Extend asset availability & life
  • Increase energy efficiency