Refrigeration, Desiccant & Membrane Dryers

Harrier provide a range of compressed air dryers from a number of manufacturers including Gardner Denver, CompAir and Parker Hannifin.  With experience of providing clean air solutions across a wide range of industry applications, the Harrier Engineering team will be very happy to discuss your needs and recommend the options available.

Refrigerant Air Dryers

Refrigerant dryers are a proven air treatment technology in thousands of applications.  Characterised by energy efficiency and modest running costs, these dryers will remove water from your air supply thus providing clean and dry general purpose air suitable for many industry applications.

Dessicant Air Dryers

Dessicant or absorption compressed air dryers remove moisture by passing air over a regenerative desiccant material.  This attracts and retains water vapour molecules.  The term pressure dew point refers to the temperature at which water condensation will occur.  A typical pressure dew point specified for an absorption dryer is -40°C which prevents corrosion and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.  This delivers a high quality air supply, suitable for more sensitive and specialised applications.

Membrane Technology

Water vapour is removed by the principle of selective permeation through a membrane.  The membrane module consists of hollow membrane fibres, each permeable to water vapour only.   As compressed air passes through the centre of these fibres, water vapour permeates the walls of the fibre and dry air exits from the other end of the fibre.  Moisture laden air is carried away and dry air piped to the application.