Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing Services to ISO8573

Harrier Pneumatics Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Air Quality Testing Services. In all Compressed Air Systems, air quality is critical to the effective running and maintenance of the the downstream equipment, however in areas where Compressed air is used within the Food or Beverage, pharmaceutical or electronics production environments it is vitally important for quality, health and safety.Harrier Pneumatics Ltd offer help and advice on the optimal set up for equipment and systems for all situations, and can provide regular air quality testing to ensure that you are, and remain, compliant with current regulations and advisory standards for Compressed Air Quality. All compressed air systems should be maintained and checked regularly to ensure the best performance.  The two main areas where regulations and advisory standards are most stringently applied are “Breathing Air” and “Food Quality Air”. Without exception, these systems should be regularly tested for quality and purity, and comprehensive records of the test results maintained. The engineering team at any of the Harrier Pneumatics branches in Southampton, Bristol, Reading or Plymouth will be happy to advise, supply and install all the necessary equipment to help you ensure compliance, and can then provide comprehensive and regular ongoing testing to the recognised standards ie:

Food Quality Testing

In the United Kingdom, the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) who are the governing body for compressed air, and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) who represent the retail industry, have jointly developed a Code of Practice for Food Grade Compressed Air.  This evolved because of the absence of compressed air quality standards or legislation for the food and beverage industries.

The Code gives minimum purity (quality) standards for compressed air and defines allowable levels for dirt, water and oil, in line with quality levels specified in all editions of ISO8573-1,the international standard for compressed air quality in a food manufacturing environment is:

Food Industries

When dealing with food, hygiene is the main requirement to guarantee the quality of the finished product.  Pneumatic processes used during production and packaging require absolute air purity.  Harrier testing services will help ensure that your system is configured and test to the very highest standards.

Pharmaceutical Industries

The most stringent hygiene standards are required during the production of pharmaceutical goods.  This extends to the compressed air used in the processes.  This air must be 100% free of oil and particulates to avoid contamination of sensitive products, such as pills and tablets.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry uses compressed air for cleaning, as a means of transport, and as energy efficient support for compressed air tooling.  Requirements for purity in any of these areas are high.  Harrier will help ensure that your system is configured and tested to achieve the very highest standards.