Smart Air

Great energy saving potential

Energy management is crucial for all compressed air users, as the highest cost factor of a compressor is the energy to run it. Over a period of five years, energy accounts for roughly 80% of the total costs. However, this high percentage of energy use also means that there is potential for high cost savings. Compressed air systems typically comprise of multiple compressors delivering air to a common distribution system. The combined capacity of those machines is generally greater than the maximum site demand. With CompAir’s advanced demand responsive sequencer SmartAir Master, the efficiency of compressor stations with up to twelve compressors including downstream equipment can be maximised. Apart from the energy savings, the compressed air management system also contributes to decreased downtime, optimum performance, service and monitoring and ultimately leads to increased plant productivity

SmartAir Master

Convenient operation

CompAir’s state-of-the-art SmartAir Master compressed air management system has been designed and developed with focus on operator convenience and ease of installation. Thanks to the graphical presentation, the sequencer is very userfriendly and is operated via the intuitive touch-screen panel.

The home page gives a clear overview of the compressed air station.

  • Network pressure, pressure range and compressed air consumption
  • Individual status display of each compressor connected
  • Fault and warning message for each compressor listed along with the exact time and date in plain text fault memory
  • Operating and load hours of every individual compressor

Versatile control functions

The SmartAir Master sequencer calculates the system demand and selects the most suitable compressor combination to meet exactly the plant requirements , which in turn offers significant energy savings. Unlike conventional control systems, further equipment such as dryers, filters and condensate drains can be included, ensuring the complete compressed air system works at optimum performance.

All performance characteristics are logged on the integrated SD card providing further analysis options of the system performance.

SmartAir Lite

Take Control

Energy efficiency should be at the top of any compressed air user’s priority list no matter how large or small the compressors are. The fact still remains that energy accounts for up to 80 % of the total cost of owning a compressor. To optimise energy usage and energy efficiency in any system using multiple compressors an intelligent system controller is essential.

Energy Reduction

In compressed air systems where individual compressors run without a central control between 10 to 50 % of energy could be wasted. To help customers achieve the highest levels of system efficiency CompAir has introduced the SmartAir Lite to its existing compressed air management range.

Total System Solution

In addition to the more sophisticated SmartAir Master which is designed to control up to 12 compressors both fixed and variable speed, the SmartAir Lite is designed to intelligently control up to 4 fixed speed compressors, and offer the compressor system the highest level of efficiency. This is achieved by controlling the overall system pressure band and reducing it to the lowest operating point as well as optimising and managing compressor selection.