Harrier’s team are well versed in assessing the required filtering, and supply a wide range of air treatment filters that will efficiently remove oil, water and other dirt particles, delivering only clean, dry air at the point of use.

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  • Coalescent Filters
  • Replacement Elements
  • Membrane Technology
  • Oil / Odour Removal
  • Breathing Air

Coalescent Filters

Coalescent filters remove very fine liquid droplets from the gas stream and convert them into large droplets of liquid which can then be easily drained from the system.  This process of “coalescing” the small droplets into larger ones gives the filters their name.

Filters in the Parker range coalesce liquid droplets efficiently and indefinitely without loss of efficiency or flow capacity.  This is achieved by the liquid draining as rapidly as it is collected.

There are two important aspects to consider when selecting and installing a coalescing filter:

1. It is imperative that you use a filter with the right capacity to handle the maximum flow rate

2. Automatic drains must always be installed with coalescing filters.  This helps to avoid liquid carryover.