Liquid Ring

L-BL2 Units

L-BL2 Units  –  known as the Elmo Rietschle’s “Pump in a Box”, these portable units are oil free and air cooled. They include an L-BV liquid ring pump, industrial electric motor, discharge separator, seal water cooler and discharge air cooler.  Simple to install, you simply connect the suction line and motor and fill the water tank and its ready to go!

Maintenance and wear are minimal thanks to contact free compression and a built-in discharge air cooler. Additional features include: quiet operation, continuous duty design and suitability for humid environments.

L-BL2 Frame mounted units combine L-BL2 liquid ring pumps and side channel blowers G-BH1 (or vacuum pumps using another operating principle) mounted on a frame. The blower can operate either at a fixed rational speed or at variable speed using a frequency converter.  This increases the pump’s performance.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High resistance to wear
  • Increased water carryover available
  • UL/CSA approved
  • 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
  • Can also be sued as closed system or in pump set combinations
  • Very low water comsumption
  • Available with integrated cooling for working spindle (L-BL2 Compact)

Suitable for:

  • Mining Industry – Dust extraction systems
  • Textile Industry – Material damping in the textile processing industry
  • Waste Water Industry – Exhausts in sewage treatment plants
  • Medical Industry – Bottle filling machines in breweries, Chocolate production, Cleaning of Vegetables, Coffee roasting, Dairy processing & many more.  General Uses – Asphalt-thickening machines (steamrollers), Ceramics, Corrosion protection for water pipes, Drying systems, Extraction of oil residues, Lifting & handling, Steam turbines & motors, Systems to lower the water table