Rotary Vane

Dry Running Rotary Vane vacuum pumps, compressors and pressure-vacuum pumps

Compact V-VTE vacuum pumps and V-DTE compressors and each available in four sizes. Low noise and reliability make this series an ideal choice for many OEM applications.

This range of medium size dry pumps are available in vacuum (V-VLT), pressure (V-DLT) and combination models (V-KLT).  Design features of these include maximised cooling air pathways, heat resistant materials, sound reduction covers and relief valves.

The next largest group of dry rotary vane pumps also offers all operation types – vacuum (V-VTA), pressure (V-DTA) and combination models (V-KTA). Developed as continuous duty pumps for printing and pater handling machines, this series is now used widely in many industrial applications.

A new range of rotary vane pumps is available as vacuum (V-VTR), compressor (V-DTR) and as combined pressure-vacuum version (V-KTR). The benefits of the new range are visible at a glance: maintenance and control panel are placed on one side only for easy access to filters and valves.  Additional features include heat reduction through large cooling air pathways and vents.  Design features such as the solid ribs, optimised cooling air circulation, thermal separation of suction and compression chambers within the filter housing, as well as a minimum number of connected heat transferring parts reduce machine temperatures.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate
  • Dry running, environmentally friendly
  • Process safe and reliable
  • Robust and economical
  • Many accessories
  • Worldwide service
  • Maintenance friendly

Suitable for:

  • Environmental Engineering – Aeration
  • Industrial – Lifting & Holding, Pick & Place
  • Packaging Industry – Packaging machines
  • Printing Industry – Printing presses, Pre & Post-press applications including Film fixing, Paper stack lifts & Gripper systems
  • Woodworking Industry – Vacuum hold-down