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Improve production by upgrading machinery

July 19, 2021 1:27 pm Published by

Deciding whether to upgrade or repair pneumatic equipment is an ongoing process for all plant managers. Generally, the guideline is to repair new equipment and upgrade older equipment. However, the decision often isn’t that simple. Repairs tend to be the cheaper option in the short term, but replacement or upgrades may be warranted for safety issues or when economic factors demand it.

With up to 30% of production facilities having been out of action for at least some of the last 15 months deterioration of machinery is inevitable. There are a number of factors that will decide if recommissioning or replacing plant is the best option for your business. It is often difficult to confirm the current condition of equipment without inspections that can often disrupt production, in itself a costly step to take. However, by recording the status of each component and changes in the environment during operation and at service intervals, a plant manager can improve their understanding of equipment condition. Considering past maintenance records, as well as operations, helps plant managers see trends in breakdowns which can inform future replacement/repair decisions.

On major consideration is safety. Equipment upgrade or repair decisions are made easy if safety is improved for personnel or property. All parts of compressed air systems wear down over time. Keep a detailed record of every component of your plant, and consider how age plays into the efficiency and safety of the equipment in question. Overall considerations include improving efficiency, increasing output, and lowering ongoing costs. Among these factors, there is a common thread that greatly aids the upgrade or repair decision: good record keeping. Ultimately, the decision a plant manager makes will be vital to the operation and profitability of their plant.

One of the services that Harrier Pneumatics offer is condition monitoring. This is a set of measurements of a piece of machinery or equipment. This can include flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, dew point, power and quality of the air supply. Condition monitoring when taken in parallel with our air audits and leak detection and a regular planned servicing schedule can give a plant manager the records of past activity that will tell him when the time has come to replace rather than repair.

The Government’s super deduction capital allowance scheme is in operation right though this year and 2022. Learn more about the scheme here and get in touch to discuss how Harrier can upgrade and improve your pneumatic systems.

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