Air Filtration

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Air Filtration

Filtration plays an important part in a compressed air system. Some of the effects of a contaminated air supply can include pipe scale and corrosion within pressure vessels, damage to production equipment, air motors, air tools, valves and cylinders. The need for early desiccant replacement for adsorption dryers. There are various types of filters that you will come across, so what do they each do?

In-Line Filter

Clean air is required for many industries. Food and pharmaceutical production for instance. There will be a need in these instances for at least one in-line filter in addition to the intake filtration. In-line filters are installed between the compressor and the airlines, as the name suggests, to capture contaminants that developed in the tank or were not captured by the intake filter.

  • Coalescent filters remove very fine liquid droplets from the air stream and condense them into large droplets of liquid which can then be easily drained from the system. Inline filters are usually required for food and medical plants, but they are also recommended for better results with processes such as paint spraying where excess moisture could affect the final product.
  • Particulate filters capture the solid particles that coalescent filters are not designed for. They include permeable membranes that stop solid contaminants while letting air flow through with little to no reduction in pressure. Particulate filters are often used as the primary in-line filter for applications that need clean air, but which can tolerate a small amount of fine dust or moisture.
  • Vapour traps are an additional layer of filtration often used for food production and for breathing air. This is because allowing vapours that may contaminate the air supply with an odour that could transmit to the product or result in quality or safety issues for the user. Vapour canisters that contain activated charcoal can remove gasses from the compressor air supply. Only the most demanding air compressor applications generally require vapour filters.

Harrier Pneumatics’ range of CompAir inline filters can reduce pressure drop by up to 42%, saving on energy consumption, and cost. Harrier’s engineering team can assess the required filtration for your application and supply the most suitable air treatment filters that will efficiently remove oil, water, and other dirt particles, delivering only clean, dry air at the point of use. Get in touch to discuss how we can help improve your compressed air quality.

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