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On the bottom of many companies’ websites you can see a list of accreditations and memberships. They can often look impressive but to the business trying to pick between different suppliers they can amount to an alphabet soup of unknown value. Looking on Harrier Pneumatics’ website what do the accreditations we display mean?

JOSCAR – Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register

This is designed to help prime contractors in the defence, aerospace and security sector to demonstrate their suppliers are ‘fit for business’. JOSCAR is designed to make the process of pre-qualification or accreditation as efficient as possible. Harrier was awarded compliant subcontractor status in 2015.

Avetta/ PICS Auditing

When you hire a contractor, you want to know they have the qualifications you need—the experience, the workforce, the certifications. Harrier’s accreditation has been awarded following assessment against key criteria across the whole extent of our business. Harrier is very proud of achieving this approval, which complements our ISO Quality accreditation to give total reassurance on quality and safe working practices.


CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) was created to improve health and safety standards across the UK. ​ This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving existing safe working practices. CHAS accreditation confirms that we have good systems in place to ensure the health and safety for all those in proximity to our engineers when they are at work.

British Engineering Manufacturers’ Association (BEMA)

BEMA is the largest engineering trade association in the South West of England. They have set up a training college to help members recruit and train apprentices and to combat the shortfall in trained, qualified engineers.

ISO EN 9001.2015

Harrier Pneumatics is accredited to the latest ISO9001:2015 standard and is committed to maintaining high standards of quality throughout our operations. The development and implementation of quality management standards throughout our business mean that our customers can have confidence in our work, processes and materials.

What these accreditations and memberships mean is that Harrier Pneumatics has been assessed by independent experts in their field. We have passed the stringent quality, safety and engineering tests required to carry the qualification on our website. Get in touch to learn more about Harrier Pneumatics’ service.



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