Air Quality Testing Services to ISO8573

Harrier Pneumatics Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Air Quality Testing Services.

In all Compressed Air Systems, air quality is critical to the effective running and maintenance of the the downstream equipment, however in areas where Compressed air is used within the Food or Beverage, pharmaceutical or electronics production environments it is vitally important for quality, health and safety.

Harrier Pneumatics Ltd offer help and advice on the optimal set up for equipment and systems for all situations, and can provide regular air quality testing to ensure that you are, and remain, compliant with current regulations and advisory standards for Compressed Air Quality.

Alll compressed air systems should be maintained and checked regularly to ensure the best performance.  The two main areas where regulations and advisory standards are most stringently applied are “Breathing Air” and “Food Quality Air”. Without exception, these systems should be regularly tested for quality and purity, and comprehensive records of the test results maintained.

The engineering team at any of the Harrier Pneumatics branches in Southampton, Bristol, Reading or Plymouth will be happy to advise, supply and install all the necessary equipment to help you ensure compliance, and can then provide comprehensive and regular ongoing testing to the recognised standards ie:

Food Quality Testing

In the United Kingdom, the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) who are the governing body for compressed air, and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) who represent the retail industry, have jointly developed a Code of Practice for Food Grade Compressed Air.  This evolved because of the absence of compressed air quality standards or legislation for the food and beverage industries.

The Code gives minimum purity (quality) standards for compressed air and defines allowable levels for dirt, water and oil, in line with quality levels specified in all editions of ISO8573-1,the international standard for compressed air quality in a food manufacturing environment is:




Food Industries

When dealing with food, hygiene is the main requirement to guarantee the quality of the finished product.  Pneumatic processes used during production and packaging require absolute air purity.  Harrier testing services will help ensure that your system is configured and test to the very highest standards.

Pharmaceutical Industries

The most stringent hygiene standards are required during the production of pharmaceutical goods.  This extends to the compressed air used in the processes.  This air must be 100% free of oil and particulates to avoid contamination of sensitive products, such as pills and tablets.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry uses compressed air for cleaning, as a means of transport, and as energy efficient support for compressed air tooling.  Requirements for purity in ahny of these areas are high.  Harrier will help ensure that your system is configured and tested to achieve the very highest standards.

Breathing Air Quality

It is a legal requirement to ensure that the quality of breathable air being supplied to an operator is at a suitable standard.

The objective of these legal requirements are. 

To ensure the respiratory safety of operatives entering and working in areas considered to be hazardous to health.

Criteria for breathing air

  • BS EN 12021:1999
  • BS 529:2005 (supersedes BS 4275-1997)
  • COSSH Regulations
  • DEF STAN 68 – 284/3
  • HTM 02 01 

COSHH states that

‘As an employer, there is a clear responsibility under the requirements of the HSE to provide fit for purpose safety equipment for all employees that may work in an environment or carry out a process which may be hazardous to the employee’s health.
Should an employer fail to provide and maintain this equipment, they will be liable for any damages claimed by an affected employee.’

The Requirements
BS 529:2005 states that in the case of compressed air for breathing apparatus ‘the volume flow and quality of the air should be thoroughly tested at intervals as specified by a competent person’. COSHH regulations state that ‘testing should be conducted at least once every 3 months and more frequently when the quality of the air supplied cannot be assured’

Any defects observed should be remedied before further use.

Testing must not only be completed but must also be documented and records retained for a minimum of 5 years.


Whether you just need a question answered, or need to talk through your Air Quality issues, the Harrier engineers are one call away, and can discuss your requirements on site or over the phone, whichever suits you best. 

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Harrier Pneumatics' industry knowledge and level of service is second to none. They always provide a quick response to our queries, and are helpful and reliable, always offering us well thought out solutions.
Jenny - If we don't manage to speak or email next week, I wish you and your baby all the best.  I do hope you decide to come back to work soon as I will miss the super efficiency in which you manage our servicing while you're away.
Thanks guys for advising us to go with a variable speed compressor about this time last summer.  A year on from the install, and we’ve seen a saving on our energy bills of over £700!  A very professional set-up and your knowledge has saved us loads of money and time.
We are very, very happy with the Fettling room (Compressor servicing) work - Your lads did a sterling job.  I liked their attitude too -  real good eggs!
We’ve used Harrier Pneumatics since 1998 to generate and supply high purity compressed air in the processing, assembly and testing of semiconductor products.

Over the last decade, we have relied on the strong working relationship.  Harrier’s knowledge, service and close links with equipment manufacturers has allowed us to achieve the balance of meeting our compressed air needs while driving down costs.  Harrier have introduced us to equipment that has improved, strengthened and increased the robustness of our compressed air systems.

Harrier’s willingness to help with day-to-day issues, and friendly hands-on approach, combined with the ability to address issues promptly has cemented their position as a mainstream supplier of over a decades standing.   Thank you Harrier for the positive service & support, we look forward to another decade!
Harrier Pneumatics Ltd have supplied, serviced and maintained our air compressors and our compressed air systems for over ten years.  They have always provided us with a professional and cost effective service.

Regular checks on our internal pipe work has ensured that it remains leak free and they continue to assist us in reducing costs and energy use.

Harrier have been involved in all major decisions regarding our compressed air provision, which has ensured best practice and hassle free operation.  We are pleased to be associated with Harrier Pneumatics Ltd

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