Air Preparation and Treatment

Air Preparation and Treatment

A top quality compressed air system, providing clean, dry and occasionally sterile air, working at optimum energy efficiency to power your pneumatic air tools and control gear is a wonderful thing.  If used untreated, atmospheric air bearing large amounts of water and other contaminants will be introduced into your system.  To avoid considerable damage to your equipment, unnecessary maintenance costs, risk of product spoilage and other costly downtime, you must protect your air supply from contamination.  This can be achieved by using the right air preparation and treatment equipment.

As an approved distributor for both Gardner Denver and Parker Hannifin, our engineering teams have industry leading air preparation and treatment ranges available to provide you with the clean, dry air supply you need.  A system fitted with the appropriate air treatment equipment in place with provide you with many years of trouble free performance and optimise energy consumption.

Air DryersCompAir Air Dryers Range from Harrier

Harrier provide a range of compressed air dryers from a number of manufacturers including Gardner Denver CompAir, and Parker Hannifin.  With experience of providing clean air solutions across a wide range of industry applications, the harrier engineering team will be very happy to discuss your needs and recommend the appropriate solutions available.

Refrigerant Air Dryers

Refrigerant dryers are a proven air treatment technology, proven in thousands of applications.  Characterised by energy efficiency, and modest running costs, these dryers will remove water from your air supply, providing clean and dry general purpose air suitable for many industry applications.

Dessicant Air Dryers

Dessicant, or Adsorption compressed air dryers remove moisture by passing air over a regenerative desiccant material, which attracts and retains water vapour molecules. The term pressure dew point refers to the temperature at which water condensation will occur, a typical pressure dew point specified for an adsorption dryer is -40°C which prevents corrosion and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.  This delivers a high quality air supply, suitable for more sensitive and specialised applications.

Air FiltersCompAir Filters from Harrier

Harrier’s team are well versed in assessing the required filtering, and supply a wide range of air treatment filters that will efficiently remove oil, water and other dirt particles, delivering only clean, dry air at the point of use.

Call or email us today and one of our experienced engineers will be happy to provide advice or information you need regarding your compressed air system requirements.

  • Coalescent Filters
  • Replacement Elements
  • Membrane Technology
  • Oil / Odour Removal
  • Breathing Air

Coalescent Filters

Coalescent filters remove very fine liquid droplets from the gas stream and convert them into large droplets of liquid which can then be easily drained from the system. This process of “coalescing” the small droplets into larger ones gives the filters their name.

Filters in the Parker range coalesce liquid droplets efficiently and indefinitely without loss of efficiency or flow capacity. This is achieved by the liquid draining as rapidly as it is collected.

There are two important aspects to consider when selecting and installing a coalescing filter:

1. It is imperative that you use a filter with the right capacity to handle the maximum flow rate

2. Automatic drains must always be installed with coalescing filters.  This helps to avoid liquid carryover.

Replacement Elements

Harrier Pneumatics supply replacement filter elements for Domnick Hunter, Hankison, Ultrafilter, Worthington and Ingersoll Rand air filters, and many other manufacturers also.

Membrane Technology

Water vapour is removed by the principle of selective permeation through a membrane. The membrane module consists of hollow membrane fibres each permeable to water vapour only. As compressed air passes through the centre of these fibres water vapour permeates the walls of the fibre and dry air exits from the other end of the fibre. Moisture laden air is carried away and dry air piped to the application.

Oil and Odour Removal

Air and Oil separators are essential to smooth operation, as oil in the cooling medium will reduce the efficiency of your compressed air system. Oil on the surface of a heat exchanger degrades heat conductivity—this will push up operating costs.  Efficient filtering will contribute to improved plant cleanliness, will improve environmental performance and reduce your oil consumption.

Breathing Quality Air

For help with Breathing Quality Air filtering, call or email us with your specific requirements and an experienced engineer from your local Harrier Pneumatics Branch in Bristol, Reading, Southampton or Plymouth will contact you.

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Testimonial quote
Harrier 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Harrier Pneumatics Ltd have supplied, serviced and maintained our air compressors and our compressed air systems for over ten years.  They have always provided us with a professional and cost effective service.

Regular checks on our internal pipe work has ensured that it remains leak free and they continue to assist us in reducing costs and energy use.

Harrier have been involved in all major decisions regarding our compressed air provision, which has ensured best practice and hassle free operation.  We are pleased to be associated with Harrier Pneumatics Ltd
Thanks guys for advising us to go with a variable speed compressor about this time last summer.  A year on from the install, and we’ve seen a saving on our energy bills of over £700!  A very professional set-up and your knowledge has saved us loads of money and time.
We are very, very happy with the Fettling room (Compressor servicing) work - Your lads did a sterling job.  I liked their attitude too -  real good eggs!
Jenny - If we don't manage to speak or email next week, I wish you and your baby all the best.  I do hope you decide to come back to work soon as I will miss the super efficiency in which you manage our servicing while you're away.
We’ve used Harrier Pneumatics since 1998 to generate and supply high purity compressed air in the processing, assembly and testing of semiconductor products.

Over the last decade, we have relied on the strong working relationship.  Harrier’s knowledge, service and close links with equipment manufacturers has allowed us to achieve the balance of meeting our compressed air needs while driving down costs.  Harrier have introduced us to equipment that has improved, strengthened and increased the robustness of our compressed air systems.

Harrier’s willingness to help with day-to-day issues, and friendly hands-on approach, combined with the ability to address issues promptly has cemented their position as a mainstream supplier of over a decades standing.   Thank you Harrier for the positive service & support, we look forward to another decade!
Harrier Pneumatics' industry knowledge and level of service is second to none. They always provide a quick response to our queries, and are helpful and reliable, always offering us well thought out solutions.

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