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Harrier Pneumatics' industry knowledge and level of service is second to none. They always provide a quick response to our queries, and are helpful and reliable, always offering us well thought out solutions.

- Safety Equipment Co, Southern England

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Air Compressors

CompAir approved distributor Harrier Pneumatics Bristol

Harrier Pneumatics Ltd supply and maintain modern rotary vane, rotary screw and piston compressors which are renowned throughout industry for reliability and quiet operation.  These compressors are designed to cope with 24 hours per day 7 days per week operation on full load, and are highly reliable if well maintained, so have very low on-going maintenance costs.             

Harrier's compressor engineers are highly experienced in the installation and maintenance and repair of everything from a standalone air compressor,  to a full turn-key compressed air system.  For your next compressed air solution, look no further than your local Harrier Pneumatics branch.

We are accredited distributors for the following manufacturers: -

Gardner Denver CompAir Compressors from Harrier Pneumatics Bristol

CompAir is a leading global brand, providing high performance air compressors with low operating costs and ancillaries for a broad range of applications.

For a complete range of world class rotary screw, piston, and vane air compressors, including high pressure and oil free models, Compair has the innovative answer to your compressed air and gas needs, today.

The group also owns “Broomwade” “Hydrovane” and “Reavell”. We supply the complete range of Compair air compressors and Compair spare parts.

  • Piston Compressors  --  1.1kW-315kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw  --  4kW-250kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw Regulated Speed Energy Saving  --  11kW-250kW
  • Rotary Screw Oil Free  --  15kW-300kW
  • Rotary Screw Regulated Speed Oil Free Energy Saving  --  15kW-300kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Vane  --  1.1kW-75kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Vane Regulated Speed Energy Saving  --  7.5kW-75kW
  • High Pressure  --  20-410 Bar 

Hydrovane Compressors from Harrier Pneumatics Plymouth 

BroomWade Air Compressors Harrier Pneumatics Southampton 

Reavell Spares from Harrier Pneumatics

Compair Air Compressors Southampton

Click here to visit the Compair website for more information about their products.

Worthington Creyssensac

Worthington Creyssensac is a leading global brand in the air compressor and compressed air systems market with a strong local presence.  They are part of the Atlas Copco Group.

  • Piston Compressors  --  1.1kW-7.5kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw  --  4kW-160kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw Regulated Speed Energy Saving  --  11kW-180kW
  • Spiralair Oil Free  --  1.5kW-15kW

Worthington Creyssensac compressed air systems Reading

Click here to visit the Worthington website for more information about their products.


Mark air compressors were acquired by the Atlas Copco group in 1998, and since then a lot of emphasis has been put on a complete redesign of the range.  Today, more than 90% of their products are less than 3 years old. Newer products have been designed for high reliability, easy serviceability, and to minimise the cost of ownership for customers. Extensive focus has been given to making the units as silent as possible, and the noise output level on Mark screw compressors is now seen as the aspire-to level for the air compressor market. 

  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw Regulated Speed Energy Saving  --  7.5kW-75kW
  • Oil Free Rotary Scroll  --  1.5kW-15kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw -- 4kW-160kW


Mark air compressors Bristol

Click here to visit the Mark website for more information about their products.


Founded in 1980 by, Antonio Balma who with over 60 years experience in the industry was regarded by many as the “Father of compressed air” Abac has grown into the strong and dynamic company of today that now heads the multi-national Abac Group of companies.

  • Belt Drive Piston Compressors  --  1.5kW-7.5kW
  • Medium Pressure Compressors  --  Up to 35 Bar
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors  --  2.2kW-420kW
  • Oil Injected Rotary Screw Variable Speed Energy Saving  --  16kw-260kW
  • Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors  --  11kW-55kW
  • Oil Free Rotary Screw Variable Speed Energy Saving  --  22kW-55kW
  • Dental Compressors complies to HTM2022  --  1.5kW-1.9+1.9 kW
  • High Pressure & Diving Compressors  --  230-300 Bar


Abac industrial air compressors Saltash

Click here to visit the Abac website for more information about their products.

Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Harrier Pneumatics Ltd supply and install vacuum systems to both the printing and laboratory/pharmaceutical industries as well as industrial applications.

Elmo Reitschle Vacuum & Pressure 3-8500 m3/h

The Elmo Rietschle brand was created when the renowned vacuum companies Elmo Technology and Rietschle joined forces with Gardner Denver, a recognised leader providing vacuum and fluid transfer technologies to industry throughout the world. As such they provide an outstanding choice of side channel blowers, radial fans, dry running and oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps as well as claw pumps.

  • Centrifugal Blowers
  • Side Channel Blowers
  • Dry Running and Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum and Pressure Pumps
  • Claw Pumps
  • Screw Dry Running Vacuum Pumps


Busch is a leader in industrial vacuum pump design and new product development. Its technology is used in all areas of industry including chemical and pharmaceutical, environmental, water and waste, printing and food packaging.

  • Oil Recirculating Vane Vacuum Pumps -- 3-1600m3/h 0.1-20mbar
  • Dry Running Vane Pumps -- 2m3/h-40m3/h flow rate
  • Liquid Ring Pumps -- Up to 33mbar


Edwards is a world leader in providing vacuum solutions. Edwards stands behind each product with exceptional integrity and strength supporting customers beyond their expectations.

  • XDS Scroll Pumps -- 5,10,35m3/h
  • E2M0.7 and 1.5 Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps -- 0.7 – 1.5 m3/h
  • RV Rotary Vane Pumps -- 3-12m3/h
  • EM18 and 28 Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps -- 18-28m3/h
  • Small ATEX Certified Pumps

From this vast pool of manufacturing excellence we are able to select the correct, most energy efficient equipment to suit your individual site requirements, ensuring trouble free operation, first time, every time.

You may qualify for an Interest Free Loan through The Carbon Trust for new capital equipment and pipe-work systems. We can make this application for you, please contact us for more information.


 Vacuum Pumps & Blowers ReadingVacuum Pumps & Blowers SouthamptonVacuum Pumps & Blowers Saltash

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